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    A total hypocrite. Gotta laugh that he hates money so bad, and yet capitalism allows him to say anything he wants. What a guy.

    Capitalism is what saved the communist regime in China - made the people happy and feel good - as long as the government did not bother them.

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    The lack of refutation is largely due to the fact that Mr. Moore is a shameless hypocrite. He can honestly preach on about the evils of capitalism as soon as he turns over ownership of his film production company and the intellectual property rights of his previous films to the people in the trenches who actually did the grunt work that produced them. Until then, he's just another accomplished capitalist, albeit cosmically more dishonest and cynical than your average Wall Street banker.

    Capitalism has never been about fairness. It is entirely focused on how to make the most profitable use of scarce resources by deploying them in a way that makes the most return. While there are many legitimate problems with capitalism, it is unchallenged as the most efficient and effective economic system for increasing aggregate wealth in the history of the world.

    You need look no further than Southeast Asia, India, or better yet, China, once the purest of Communist countries and an economic train wreck of unmatched historical proportions. Is there really anyone who honestly believes the average citizen in China would be better off today if the Chinese government 25 years ago hadn't swallowed hard and opened up its economy to private investment and individual incentives, aka capitalism?

    Yes, the truth will set you free. But not a moment before you get a firm grip on it.
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    That's the problem. You think it's simple when it is not which anyone with sizeable income can atest. Of course, that doesn't prevent you from making overly simplistic, hard misrepresentations.
    But that's pretty much what you do that all the time (but with plenty of propagandist adjectives/adverbs "peppered" (if I may add) throughout).

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    In part, it's the ridiculous complexity of our tax system that leads to support for a flat tax. Only if the new tax system had real teeth in it could such a system work, and not provide for even more corporate welfare and tax giveaways.
    I can pretty much agree with the first part. Forget the corporate part. That only affect investors/employees/consumers (you know, no matter who you are, it hits you).
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