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    Does anyone know of a good online store that sells used computer junk?

    I've been looking for a cheap 5-10 gig drive for a linux box but you can't find anything new under 20 gigs starting at $100. I know that is cheap, but I figure why buy used when some perfectly fine recycled parts would work.
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    Homer - I'm in teh exact same boat as you... All the local comp stores (nanosys1, tranmicro, bestbuy, compusa etc..) All have $80 as their mininum price for a harddrive. I jsut need a 10-15 gig one for 1 week. Ebay seems to be hte best (and cheapest) option for smal ldrives.

    I tried to find where to rent one - nobody lets you rent hard drives.. hmmph. ok end rant

    Buy it off ebay (at least that's what I"m doing) if you can find a better source, e-mail me cause I want in too!
    -Michael Ducker
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    I'll let you know. Yea, I checked out ebay too, but when you combine stupid bidders + the $10 s+h charges most people ask for, you end up looking at $50-$60 for a < 10 gig. At that point, you might as well fork out an extra $20 for a new drive with an extra 20-30 gigs on it.

    You mentioned 'nanosys1' that General Nanosystems? FYI, you may want to check out Abbai over on Selby (between Dale and Lexington)...not much used stuff, but they have a nice selection of new things. Not bad when you don't feel like making a trip across town.
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    One site you guys might want to check out is

    I've bought a few bits to upgrade an old computer of mine from them. The parts I've received have all been in reasonably good condition (all of them worked at least), and they usually have a pretty varied selection, although it's always changing. Prices are pretty reasonable too. They also sell through an ebay store where sometimes you can bid on the same bit for a little bit less than what they sell for on their website.
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    I have a 6.5G and a 10G hard drive I can let you have cheap. Send me an email.
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    Thanks Imabug and Keefer (btw...I sent you an email).

    Well, looking at that site, Imabug, it is apparent that there really is no point in getting a used 10 gig...they are only about $10 cheaper than a new 20 gig. So, I guess I'll live with that ;o)
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    just to wrap up this thread.. = website for General Nanosystems....

    I knwo of abbai, but they don't have a website with a db of their products, and I need to price check things first...
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I havn't looked but I would try


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