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    Cost was my primary reason, that and time as I was burning a lot of VCD's on my pc.. the process took too long.. Even using the Dazzle to record directly to MPEG-1 VCD compliant files and a 16x CD writer.

    Recordable DVD would be nice, but at $15 a blank disc and $1000 + (or more) for a standalone recorder its not worth it.. At this point in time- maybe later a few years from now, right now I can only justify the cost of the Terapin and cheap cd-r's.. Now that I have the standalone terapin recorder, I am spoiled, I don't see myself going back to (regularly) making video recordings on my pc any time soon (unless its something special)...

    Also, god only knows what kind of whacky copy protection / region limiting etc. restrictions they are going to cripple the standalone recorders with, look what they did to things like the dat (audio) and cd to cd recorders.. no thanks.. the Terapin has no strings attached (for video anyway, audio recordings have to use "consumer cd-r's" <- this is a legal restriction, all consumer digital audio recording devices have to use serial copy restriction management) (fyi - pc's/mac's do not fall under this law!) , I can even copy DVD's that have macrovison on them without any problems (I was testing recording from various sources & qualities) made a nice dupe of SW EP1 DVD as a test.

    All in all, I like the Terapin, works ok, little picky on media, but I am happy with it..
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    Originally posted by Keefer Lucas

    And hopefully over that time period the good folks from Roxio/Adaptec will give us the ability to produce DVDs with the same ease that we now burn audio and data CDs. In fact, what I would really like is to dump raw video from my IEEE 1394 ported videocamera straight to DVD, with no editing involved at all. For 90% of my "home movie" viewing the speed of access via DVD would offset the need for editing.

    Their Video creation part of EZCD creator has really stunk for years now.. mechanically it works, but it is REALLY crude. In a word , HORRID.

    Roxio recently bought out CeQuadrat who makes one of the BEST Video creation programs VideoPack, version 5.0 does DVD and Mini DVD (dvd format recorded on CD-R media) (as well as always making VCD, SVCD)..

    Hopefully they will simply scrap the garbage they ship in Ez CD now, fire all the developers responsible for it, and replace it with their VideoPack acquisition.

    (One can only hope)
    "One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there. It’s just an awful lot of ‘us’." -- Douglas Adams
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