I know of other forums I could go to but I respect the wealth of knowledge here more. Also figured it's better then politics for an off topic.

My main server has 5 drives, 6.2TB. The main drive runs perfect. However, the second drive (D) has all my secondary programs and some important files. A lot is backed up but since this is a very active drive it has a lot of additions since the last backup to the other computer.

The drive has gone to RAW. I had run into this years ago and was able to off load most of the files. Yet, it has been awhile and as such do not remember the program I used. Since there have been so many new programs over the years and looking for a few days now, I was hoping that someone here might be able to suggest a program in freeware or open source type. If I have to I would pay for one (would rather not) even though I am only going to use it once.

And yes all my drive in this server and my other computers are Seagate except one. This one, a WD. and yes, the last time it was a WD too. Go figure. WD=Will Die.