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    The Buffalo Bills during the Jim Kelly era. Very good, but not quite good enough to be #1.
    Agree 100%. I am also getting tied of saying it's a building year. Hmm, building year....where is the dagone V-CAM (pre) or the superbowl (win) ugggggg
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    Been a die hard Miami Dolphin fan since I was 5 (1972 when they went undefeated). Pre definitely reminds me of the Dolphins, so much potentional, but always a let down. When I learned about WEBOS, I was totally in awe. This is going to change my life. I program windows mobile and it just doesn;t work sometimes, or MS leaves **** out that I need. I want to abandon MS Mobile so bad. I love my Pre (and Dolphins), just need a little bit more. (More API stuff, GL stuff, etc)
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