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    I've been thinking... New Years Resolutions... Hmmm, what's it going to be this year, and how long can I stay at it?

    - Bring lunch atleast 3 days a week to work
    - Use that damn $4000 home gym contraption more often
    - Try to save a bit more $$ (definitely not retiring off of the 'ole portfolio these days)

    - Eat healthier (naaaa, I really do like grease!)
    - Take a few courses, for the heck of it.

    So, what are you guys/gals thinking of? Just wondering...
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    I used to make a resolution or two every year and found I never followed them.

    However, three years ago, on Jan 1st, I was bored. I decided that instead of making a resolution, I would take 20 minutes and jot down everything I wanted to do in the coming year--thing that I've always said I would do and never got around to.

    So, I've done this twice now (this jan 1st will be my 3rd). The first year I came up with 24 things. Last year I came up with 21. Amazingly, both years I did every single one of them.

    These things can range from the mundane (roll all my coins) to the practical (get my drivers' license (I was 31 when I made that resolution) to the adventurous (learn a new language or take off for a month).

    This system has served me VERY well. I have accomplished many things I'd never thought I'd get around to but always hoped to.

    I think the power of this system is that you can work thru these items (the simpler ones first maybe) and actually look back and SEE that you are accomplishing things. Sure, maybe all I did was roll my cones on January 3rd... but when I was done not only had I accomplished something that had been bugging me, I now had over $400 ready to take to the bank!

    So the trick lies in coming up with things that run the gamut of challenge from mundane but necessary (roll coins) to things that will take serious time/effort/moola. If you find yourself only listing difficult things, purposely come up with some smaller things. They'll be helpful later.

    Another reason this works, I think, is that it gives you something to do every 2-3 weeks, assuming you come up with about 2 dozen things.

    Here are some of the things I've done. Feel free to use some of the mundane things to get you thru your list!

    1. read one piece of classic literature every X months (i did 11 in 12 months). (also, I find phrasing things like that much more useful than being vague, such as: "catch up on my reading.")

    2. roll your coins. :P

    3. Cook a dinner for your significant other at least once a X (i did it once a week for 8 months).

    4. Quit smoking.

    5. take a course of some kind (i took spanish, and also got my TEFL certificate).

    6. got my drivers licence.

    7. wrote a screenplay.

    8. see one movie every day (though this isn't a tough one for me. i've done this every day for over a decade).

    9. teach your dog to turn off the lights.

    10. compliment or thank at least one person every day.

    11. talk to that girl at the damn coffee shop!

    12. learn a musical instrument.

    13. hand write a letter to someone.

    14. play a practical joke on someone.

    15. read a book on a topic you know absolutely nothing about.

    16. get a massage every 2 weeks.

    17. try a regional dish you've never had.

    18. take a trip.

    19. try and drive/walk a different route to work every day for a week.

    20. play hopscotch.

    21. volunteer some place!

    22. read the book "eat that frog!"

    etc. etc.

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    Actually, upon reviewing last years resolutions, I actually achieved all but two of them, and those weren't complete due to circumstances outside of my control (lousy construction contractors )!

    Originally posted by mensachicken
    (also, I find phrasing things like that much more useful than being vague, such as: "catch up on my reading.")
    This is actually what they teach all the time organization and goal achievement courses. If you can put it in concrete terms you're more likely to actually do it. For example, make a list of the books you want to read this year by title and author.

    This year I'm actually thinking of putting my resolutions into the ToDo app. That way they're always handy, I can set completion dates and track my progress better, and I can I can "revise" them to be much more concrete easily (yeah, this can also lead to modifying the resolutions away from their original intent, but sometimes you've got to do that as well) .
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    OK. These are my New Year's resolutions/things I want to do during the year. I am a "pre-med" student, so some of these things apply solely to that:

    1. Volunteer at the local hospital doing something proactive - ie: not standing at the door saying "Hi."
    2. Continue taking karate (I've schluffed off for a while).
    3. Learn Spanish at least on a conversational level.
    4. Get lab experience (don't know how to do this yet).
    5. Keep my apartment clean!
    6. Read more (audiobooks may be the answer, though)
    P.S. I feel at home with geeks like you.

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