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    hey, im going snowboarding ALOT this season and i was wondering in what way i should carry around music with me so i can listen to jams while heading down the slopes.

    ide like mp3, because all my music is on mp3...but i would also like ALOT of storage, and i think 128 would be sufficient, but not GREAT. i dont really know if i would want a cd-mp3 player (even though my brother got the riovolt and its sweet) because i dont want any moving parts. most memory would be great, but not many SD or MMC cards...i want it all together.

    i also want it small, so i can fit it in the hidden pocket inside my Burton jacket. ide want the sound to be great, none of this crap where its all fuzzy or whatever.

    a FM tuner would be nice also.

    if anybody can advise me on which i should get, please tell me...because the season is here and i gotta buy quick. thanks.

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    I have it and like it, but I now find 128mb too limiting. It has FM tuner, but doesn't support any expansion methods.
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    Neatest one out there...
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    It is 200, tiny, 128mb built in, with mmc expansion. supports mp3 and wma. I like it but it has some toruble syncing with windows 2000.

    also, it is rechargeable trhough the usb port.

    check it out

    lou w

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