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    so I just sent this email to Gizmodo. Hopefully they will take my tip and make a story. It would make some people laugh, if not at least get a bit of a grin out of it. Here is the Email:

    So I just noticed on Best Buy’s website while looking at the newer Sony eReaders, that when you go to the specifications page, the last two features it lists are “HDMI Output : No” and “Blu-ray Player : No” . I figure the HDMI COULD theoretically make a little sense (but not really). However the Blu-ray player part is just ridiculous, and funny. Just an idea, I figure all the other nerds like me will get a pretty good laugh out of stupidity of making sure people know that the new Sony eReaders don’t have a Blu-ray player built in. So many people are going to be so disappointed to find that out


    Luke Hale
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    And that's what happens when companies use cookie-cutter one size fits all templates on their webpages.
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    Amen to that. The Sony Reader is OBVIOUSLY not a laptop
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    Sorry I didn't find that very funny. :-/

    Either way though it is a good point about the cookie cutter website templates. I do wish a lot of item descriptions for things were better and more focused on that individual product can and can't do.

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