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    I am tired of ftping my files to yahoo brief case and was thinking about saving my files to my VDX, which has several free megs. But the more I thought about it, the more it seems like a better way to store it on a 32 MB or 64 MB smart media card.

    Is there software that would allow me to drop and drag to the smart media card? Will the existing music software allow a xls fils or a doc file to be transferred to smartmedia?

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    If you buy a USB SanDisk card reader and install the driver Windows will recognize the unit as a drive letter. You can then put anything you damn well please on your SmartMedia or CompactFlash card. The card readers are really small, and Windows XP recognizes the units without requiring a driver installation, meaning you can tuck the whole thing into a travel bag and be relatively assured of having convenient access to your files on another machine (like carrying the full install version of Netscape to a friend so she doesn't have to download it on a 56k modem).

    If I were going to buy one (the one I have came with my camera) I would get a card reader that will accept both SmartMedia and CompactFlash. SanDisk makes a good one.

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