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    I was at work, and had to go number two. While I was going I was using the pre and reading some yummy tech news. When I was finished I glanced in the bowl to see my handy work. IT WAS GREEN.

    It took me a few nerve raking seconds to realize it was the blue Gatorade I drank the other day.

    So I took a picture of it and sent it to all of my friends.

    In retrospect it was a bad move because even the few weeks later, one by one, I get nasty ****-laden images sent to me of the people 'getting me back'. I feel outnumbered.

    How's that for off topic?

    EDIT: The reason I posted this was to ask for related stories. I hope they are funny!
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    That was way more info than I needed, or even needed to know.

    Did you show mommy and daddy what you did on the potty?

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    @treotraveler: I almost did, I was laughing in the stall while selecting the people I wanted to send it to and I almost sent it to my mom. I still have the image, I could upload it to photobucket and have it to your front page in a matter of seconds but I will not release that hardship on you.

    But seriously, I have like ten or so pictures my friends have 'fired back'. If someone stole my phone they would be so disgusted I think they would bring it back...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovvy View Post
    I still have the image.
    Make it your avatar.
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    My friend sends me **** images all the time its freakin gross.
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    I hope you washed your hands and your Pre!
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    I don't think the pre gets along with soap very well.

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