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    God Bless Everyone Everywhere in the Universe.
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I woke up that morning to a phone call from my mother. I had just started college 3 weeks prior. My school also trained pilots, and was actually a secondary campus to one of the schools attended by several associated with the attacks. On the other end of the phone my mothers voice was exclaiming that we were under attack. It took a long time to figure out what she was saying, it didnt compute, it didnt make sense.. Finally I made my way to my computer and was horrified.

    All flights were grounded of course, classes werent cancelled, but not due a lack of anything but reaction - most everyone, including faculty were so taken aback that the daze inadvertently halted all action. No one bothered going to class, we were gathered at the food court, in our dorms and around computers.

    We then watched as hundreds of students who had enrolled in school after already serving with the military were re-activated and shipped out. Friends of mine from highschool enlisted and served. Many never came back, some have, and others lost pieces of themselves (figuratively, and physically).

    Do not be mistaken, 9/11 was an American tragedy - that does not marginalize those non-Americans who lost or gave their lives that day, it is universally recognized that Americans were not the only ones killed. The RESULTS of 9/11 have proven to be a global tragedy as allies and supporters of the US have joined the effort to push back against those who would kill us in our sleep for thinking differently than they, and have also lost many good men in the fighting.

    Its also worth mentioning that without the support of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq it would be impossible to make any progress in these fights and so a great many of them have become heros as a result of that tragic day 8 years ago.

    There's no reason to bicker over the finer points as today is a day of remembrance, not reckoning. May God bless America! It is up to those inhabitants of other countries to make theirs worth blessing - and to request such blessings, for it would indeed be arrogant of me to request a country other than mine own to be blessed.
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    If there is or ever was a God, there would be no place in it's infinite wisdom for the infantile, primitive concept of borders, nations, walls...segregation. That is strictly a man-made idea born of fear and ignorance. The idea that a supreme being would favor one sect of people over another is a result of human arrogance. Maybe if the people responsible for 9/11 knew this simple truth before-hand, it never would have happened.
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    Okay, that's all folks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories. As a final note, I think its important that all the people who lost loved ones in these horrific events know that we all still remember.
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