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    hehe check out MosASCII! it's so cool!

    ok seriously - do I have to much time on my hands? I'm sitting here converting VisorCentral logos into ascii text. Check out VC! Cool heh?
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    yep, too much time on your hands.
    This may be why we as a people haven't cured cancer yet ... or at least a contributing factor ...
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    There use to be a program called TheDraw that was used in the good ol' days (about 8-10 years ago when high speed was 9600 or 14.4k modems) to manually draw ANSI and ASCII artwork. There were lots of people (myself included) that would spend hours and days creating artwork using this program/method .. Now if you REALLY wanted to waste time, this would be a PERFECT way to accomplish that!

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