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    Two questions actually :

    1) When I boot my computer, it has started asking for the driver to install my PCI Bridge. Is there a univeral driver in Windows 98 I can use?

    2) Additionally when I boot up, Windows 98 wants to install my Wave Device for Voice Modem but my under my Device Manager, my Wave Device is already installed and working just fine.

    Any Suggestions? TIA
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    What motherboard do you have? It may need a windows driver update.

    As for the wave device, just click through the "new hardware found" wizard. If need be, remove the extra device from the device manager (though I doubt you'll need to).
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    Yes, there is a universal driver for the PCI bridge and it is located on your Windows 98SE CDrom under teh x:\win98\drivers folder. However, this driver is very unstable, and I would highly reccomend that you download the drivers specific to your motherboard so that you can continue (semi-)safe computing.


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