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    The Adaptec Easy CD Creator program (V. 4.something) that came with my CD-RW won't allow me to burn a CD over a network. Does anyone know of a program that will?
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    It's not really possible unless you have gigabit ethernet.

    A CD needs a constant and consistent flow of data to burn the image to disk. Most networks aren't that fast and consistent enough to do so.
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    With the Adaptec program I currently run the host (computer with the CD-RW) "pulls" the entire network target directory(ies) into a local file before beginning the burn process. It would be nifty if there was a program that could "force" the host to do the same thing. I do alot of scheduled (after-hours) backups so if the host machine took a performance hit it wouldn't make a difference.

    Or I could just swap out the plain old CD-ROM on my new machine with the CD-RW on my assistant's computer ("look honey, if I can't rely on you to make scheduled backups, I am taking away your CD-RW....take that to your union cronies"). Maybe I don't even tell her. And grab a RAM SIMM while I am at it.
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    Oh. I gotcha. You need something like Dantz Retrospect. Retrospect sits on a compuer on the network and can go and retrieve files via a schedule and burn a CD. The catch is that CDs are limited in size, so you need to be wary of how much you are attempting to back up.

    If you are only doing this for back-up purposes (as opposed to archiving) I'd suggest that you look into a high-capacity tape back up system.
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    I burn over a (home & work) network with no problem. I use a plextor 12/10/32A and Click and Burn software. The plextor allows multi-tasking while burning. It's the best. The Click & Burn software actually improved the speed of my burner. It writes 30% faster that when I was using Adaptec.

    I know nothing about scheduling software.
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    Originally posted by gbgood
    I burn over a (home & work) network with no problem.
    I can burn over the network as long as I am burning using the host machine. I want to be able to burn a disk when the CD-RW drive is physically installed on a different machine (go in my assistant's office, drop a new disk in her CD-RW, then go back into my office and manage the burn process from my own desktop).

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