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    Just got an email from my cable provider telling me @home has (finally) gone under and I may not have internet access as of 2am. I'll be going DSL as soon as it's available. And satelite tv. And pocketing at least $30/mnth while getting more tv channels and an internet connection that, while slower, is consistent.

    Cringely may have been right after all - at least with regards to cable.
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    I feel bad for you. In September, our @home services switched to cableone. While we have slower internet access (it's limited to 400/128 kbps vs. unlimited with @home) but at least I still have cable. I wouldn't go with DSL in my area because our phone company's customer relations are terrible. Again, I feel bad... I'd die if I didn't have my cable internet.
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    Well you could be like me, stuck in dial up prison for what will probably be life, no parole in sight!
    Thank God I at least don't get TV reception too.
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    Yeah, I just tried to access the internet through my home computer via @home, no joy. I've used it for over a year now - I didn't even bother to buy a regular modem for the desktop.

    Fortunately we kept a dial-up account I can access with my laptop. Still, this completely sucks. I can't get DSL where I am, so I'm stuck with dial-up hell when I'm not at work for a while.
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    Well, we were still up as of this morning. Rumor is that by the time I get home from work I'll be SOL. DSL won't be in my area until this summer at the earliest. The cable company says they're working on getting something working ASAP, but it's too late, AFAIC. I've been sick of them for a while now. I'll use dial-up until I get DSL if I have to - as soon as I can get ahold of them. Looks like I, too, will have to buy a modem.
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    someone I know was able to keep using his @home account by using public DNS servers. Here are a few: - - -

    if you need more they go up to, you can ping them yourself.
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    I have Insight@Home and still have my cable connection. My e-mail has been offline for over a day though.
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    I'm back up! They switched me to ATT Broadband from exite@Home within 48hrs. And they did it with a downloadable configurator that took less than 2 minutes. I'm impressed. Even my DHSP router came up after I re-powered it and it learned the new network configuration. WoW, I really missed broadband. It's really hard to use dial-up once you've gotten used to cable. It's like color vs. black and white (or grey-scale). You can't go back.
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    They got me back up today as well. I was also impressed with how easy the process was.

    HOWEVER, I'm still cheesed off about the transition in one respect - it means I've lost my "@home" email address. Now I have to go to the trouble of letting all my friends know about the new domain name, and resubscribe to all of the different newsletters I receive - a major pain in the posterior.
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    Originally posted by VTL
    Now I have to go to the trouble of letting all my friends know about the new domain name, and resubscribe to all of the different newsletters I receive - a major pain in the posterior.
    Well, I'm still up. But I just had to brag about my third party email address after reading your post. I don't have to let anyone know if @home ever does go down.
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    My connection is still working. Same email, same everything!

    Hope it keeps working!
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    Our provider, Cox Communications and Cox@Home, has bought several months of time, and is working on a new program from what the notes seem to be saying.

    So, I guess I am OK for now, but who knows what will happen when Codx has their own program. I'l probably loose my '' address, and I suspect that rates will go up.

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