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    How do you get so many viruses?

    I don't run a virus checker or a firewall - i agree they're a pain in the arse.

    A virus cannot be run unless you open it so anything that is suspiscious you just don't open until you confirm it... simple? Or am i missing something here?
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    I don't run firewall because it interferes with online gaming. I downloaded AVG Anti-virus Free Edition and use that for virus. Course that was because I was poking around in file manager and found a virus (my dad backed up my mom's laptop on my HDD thus infecting me) and got myself cleaned. Then today my brother got LOVELETTER virus because he downloaded an .mp3.vbs file from Morpheus and double clicked it thinking it was a music file. He then came to me asking how he can play a microsoft script file out of Morpheus. I was confused and told him to show me. Then I told him he got a virus and he got mad...
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