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    Anyoe still use the old Visors? I have been looking at the old Visor Central site and really sad its closed as I am getting a Deluxe in a few days. I don't have a Treo, I had a 650 though once.
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    HAA!! I recall lusting over the Prism back in the day... I don't have a visor but I still have my old Vx. Can't seem to let go of that device...
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    I don't use it but I still have my Prism with the visorphone, GPS and camera .
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    While we were all waiting for the Pre release, I pulled out my old Handspring Neo. Blew the dust off and guess what--I fell in love all over again. I liked the way it felt in my hand. It excited me almost as much as when it was brand new. It's just so cool and suits me so well. So I've spent the summer using my Neo again and enjoying it.

    I read a lot of ebooks so I got CSpotRun fired up again and it's been fun. I still haven't purchased a Pre for unrelated reasons. But I sure have been enjoying my Neo again. Those Visors were just well thought out devices.

    Now I will admit that carrying the Treo and the Neo is pretty silly, but I don't do it all the time. I tend to leave the Neo by my favorite chair with some of my favorite ebooks and games on it.

    Next I may pull out my Fossil Abacus for some real weird Palm OS memories.
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    I am actually planning on using mine for writing. I am on my Palm TX, but if anyone is interested, I will make a new thread with the Google Documents link.
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    I've got a fold up keyboard I used with my Deluxe around here somewhere. Heck, I might have the deluxe. Think I left when I got my Treo 600.
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    The one guy on the old Visor forum said he would send me a Stowaway, and some other Springboards he finds.

    Guy sending me the Visor is also sending a Clie SL10 which I have the Sony KB11 for.

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