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    We have to find a way to get to infinity NO cheating.

    Just count up by one for every post. So...
    Post 1: 1 (Speaks a bit).
    Post 2: 2 (Speaks a bit).

    I'll start us off with just 1 sentence.
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    ummm...2 who goes next?

    EDIT:to all of those who dont know what this is...we are participating in the count to infinity, so pretty much to each post we get +1. and try to get to the highest number we can get lets get them +1 post ups this is just for fun! do participate! lol
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    3......i guess????
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    4?....WTH is this? Awww....dang now I'm subscribed to this thread!
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    5 I couldnt not do this
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    6? I don't get it.
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    7.....? How in blazes came up with this idea?
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    8? just because....
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    isnt this supposed to go to the off topic zone?
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    10........this doesn't look like web os development related though
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    11.....are we supposed to keep up with this??
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    12......i think the my tether thread is beating you to it. this should be moved to off topic though
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    13..........totally agree with jack87!!
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    14...... In before the move
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    15.....I don't know why I'm joining in, but I feel strangely satisfied
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    18 I guess
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    oh idk....19?
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    I'll play.....20!
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