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    Does anyone know a quick way to tell whether the server that runs our company webpage is running on a Windows NT or a Unix box? The URL is

    I turn to my friends at Visorcentral in lieu of waiting hours/days for a response to my simple question.
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    NetCraft actually reports that you are running Apache (the web server software) on a Solaris box.

    hope this helps....

    Solaris AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $is$ $pretty$ $simliar$ $to$ $UNIX$, $and$ $Linux$ $can$ $be$ $installed$ $on$ $that$ $hardware$
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    Solaris AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $is$ $pretty$ $simliar$ $to$ $UNIX$, $and$ $Linux$ $can$ $be$ $installed$ $on$ $that$ $hardware$
    Solaris is a flavor of Unix, so it's not only similar, it _is_ Unix. It runs on both Sparc and Intel processors.
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    Thanks alot. Just needed to post some form processing scripts and needed to know which language to post for.
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    You're not gonna get the language just by knowing what OS your server is running. You need to find out what languages are installed. Almost every server has Perl (which us what most CGI scripts are written in). What language is your form processing script written in?

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