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    Originally posted by homer
    Could this have been someone you know? It seems odd that they'd steel a computer like yours (along with game pads and games...) and jewelery...and nothing else. It COULD be someone you know. A friend, or a friend of a friend that's been in your house/room.
    Homer is a thief!!!! He stole my idea!

    That was exactly what I was thinking.

    We feel your pain, ernieba1. Cheer up, things will get better. Look on the bright side...they may have gotten away with your PC, but they are condemned to a life sentence with Windows! Maybe they'll commit suicide.
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    Don't some bioses have an option to turn on the pc?
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    I second the notion, above, that it's a good thing you and your family weren't home at the time.

    Somebody broke into my car about 8 years ago while it was parked in my parents driveway. Evidently, there was a rash of vandalism that night, breaking off of antennae, etc. They happened to peer into my car and see my CD player and all of my CD's. Morons tried to pry the sunroof (it was a 1987 Jetta) forward towards the windshield (it rolled back). When that didn't work, they bashed in a window.

    I'm still p.o'ed about it, so you have all my sympathy Ernie!
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    State Farm now says that THEY want to buy the computer for me. I'm not gonna let that happen. I get really customized PCs, and I think they'll get something cheap.

    Originally posted by Felipe
    Don't some bioses have an option to turn on the pc?

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