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    These ringtones some are new in mp3. I have more mp3 and around 2000 but in MIDI format . If you have a software for convert it easy to mp3 I will upload all of it on megaupload.
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    more mp3 ringtones
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    Please let me know if my rigntones are to short
    Most of it are 18,5 seconds long

    What is a proper time long for ringtone? Thanks
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    The standard for the website I usually use is 30 seconds but they certainly don't have to be.

    Thanks, I like a few of these.
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    you are welcome guys I have a lot more upcoming Suggest stay tuned
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    Mp3 ringtones
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    THIS ONE SOUNDS GREAT Hope you like it
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    thank you very much
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    this one sounds better than before posted
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    Quote Originally Posted by prejailbreakhelp View Post
    thank you very much
    you are welcome

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