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    I'm really sick of pop-up ads. I know there are some apps for the PC that take care of them. Are there any for the Mac? I'm interested in one for OS9 and OSX.
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    You might give WebWasher a try. It is the only one I could find that supports MAC. It says it supports OS9 but gives no information about OSX.

    Please understand, I know nothing about this program, I just happened upon it. You might want to take a look at their PDF Fact Sheet.

    Here is the link to their HomePage:

    WebWasher Home

    Here is the page with the PDF File:

    Product Page

    You might also try going to Google and do a search for PopUp Killers for MAC and see what you get.
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    Although I don't believe that people should block all ads from a website (it hurts revenue), I despise popups. OmniWeb for OS X under Javascript Prefs lets you adjust for opening new windows. I have it set to only when I click a link and only get the popups that I want.
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