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    My first pda was a PalmPilot Pro. When I upgraded, I gave it to a friend. Yesterday he gave it back stating he doesn't use it. So, as per the title, here's my quandry.

    The PalmPilot has a pager, OS 3 - with flash RAM, and 2MB's of RAM. I think I could get by with the simplicity, not to mention having a pager (I don't think even the visors have a pager yet, do they?) and an extra $330 in my pocket - returning my m500. Oh, and the only decent backlight. Not to mention the nostalgia.

    Or I can stay with my 40MB m500 (I got 2 32MB MMC cards with my minijam and found out they work perfectly with the m500) with no pager but with a remote control. And a better form factor. I'd give my mom the PalmPilot.

    It's a much more difficult decision than I would have anticipated.
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    Originally posted by ****-richardson
    I'd give my mom the PalmPilot.
    Make mom happy...
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    Give mon the Palm, return the other Palm, get a Solo or M100(?), mom's happy, ****'s happy AND has $200.
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    The Thoreau bit is tempting, but I have to vote for giving the Palm to Mom. Anyway, PalmOS is simplicity. Hang onto the 500 and in a few years you'll have simplicity and nostalgia.
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