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    I'm a little bit confuse by the fact that the installation of the Sony DVD remote requires an 8MB PS2 Memory Card, since the CD loads files to it. Well, the confusion started when I read on one of the PS2 boards that not all PS2 consoles requires the installation. So, do I really need to buy the 8MB memory card or some of us don't need to. My PS2 has the NTSC | U/C label in the back. I only the the PS1 Memory card, I don't think it will work with it, right?

    How was your experience?


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    The newer models, (SCPH-30001R ) do not require the drivers to be copied to the memory card as the firmware has already been updated. The drivers do take up approx. 2MB of space. You will still need a PS2 (8MB) card to save PS2 games. (Stick with the officialy Sony-branded one). Also, you can only save PSone games on a PSone memory card. You can, however, copy PSone game saves to a PS2 card for storage, but they will have to be copied back to the PSone card for you to use them. The PSone saves are tiny compared to the PS2 ones, and you can still get a couple of dozen saves on the PS2 card.
    In addition to curing a few compatibility problems, the drivers added some new features. Read this article for more info.
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