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    Roger Clemens

    The Associated Press: Ex-gym owner awaits Clemens grand jury appearance

    Here's another sports player that is still in the news, and is currently under a grand jury investigation.

    I think Roger Clemens took steroids and lied to Congress, but is it really worth all the money they are spending to prosecute him? Hasn't this been going on for 2 years now? I think they should just drop it at this point in time and stop wasting money. I don't think he'll get elected to the Hall of Fame, he'll be like Mark McGuire.
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    Does anyone really care if pro players use The juice?
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    If the entire Oakland A's were juicing in the 80's how many other Hall of Famers do you think extended their careers with and will never be caught. Its all for a media circus, I just hope nobody ever has the "revelation" that NFL players might use PEDs.
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    I do think its a major problem. Baseball players are heros to a lot of kids, and when they see their role models using steroids, they get the message that its ok to cheat to get ahead in life. Its why there are so many high school kids using steroids now. Kids using steroids they get on the black market, without a doctor without supervision, excuse me but thats just plain wrong. And everyone just blames the players like Clemens and Bonds, but no one stops to think that the owners also share the blame. Steroids made their teams more successful and it brought more fans to the ball parks to see all the home runs. Looking the other way really paid off big for them. It was just after they had the baseball strike that the steroid problem really kicked in, during the 1990s. I dont think the A's were the top steroid team, everyone says its the Texas Rangers that led the way in steroids. Hey wasn't that the team that George Bush owned? I remember him saying he thought Palmiero did not take steroids, the day before he admitted to the grand jury that he did. I dont want to get political with this, but I am just saying there is a lot of blame to go around, players, owners, the league. Its sad that our American past time has to get trashed like this. A damn shame.
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    I like your post Lester!

    I am pretty big baseball fan. I don't want to see the sport destroyed by drug use. Most people don't realize the American Military gets the most credit for spreading baseball around the globe.

    My biggest rant is that they are still going after Roger Clemens. I think it's a waste of time and money at this point. He's a big -0- to me now.
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