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    Read an article about a possible new release of these games - Freeware. Reminds me of High School - now If I could only remember the name of that one RPG I had on the C64, I'd be alright.,1882,47624,00.html
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    ooo, two of my favourite games that I played on my Apple IIe

    I used to sneak back down to the computer after my parents went to bed to play some more
    Version: 3.12
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    Played Bard's Tale waaaay too often on my //e, also. Bought a package of graph paper just to map the place.

    My folks thought I was nuts.
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    Never played Bards Tale but Ultima was awesome. Somewhere I still have the little metal ankh that they included with the Ultima IV package... Too bad EA is getting all snitty about these projects.
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    Found out that Ziosoft is making Ultima: Underworld for PPC! Sure hope they port it to the Palm.

    They also make a Fishin game and Need for Speed!
    I guess in the game department, it would be cool to have a PPC.

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