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    Originally posted by homer

    Are there any sites that go into the NeXT GUI? I'd be interested in seeing what made it so unique...
    If you have a unix box, check out the Afterstep or Gnustep window managers. They come reasonably close to approximating NeXTStep's GUI.
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    Originally posted by BobbyMike
    D-R, does reminding yourself that you're the parent work for you? It didn't work for me at 2AM this morning when Martin wanted to sing "Shine Jesus, Shine".
    Nope. But it gets my mind off whatever my son just broke, peed on, chewed up, fed to the dogs, and so on ad infinitum.

    I am quite impressed that he understands the concept of computer gaming and is actually quite good at Bugdom. 3 years old and he beat the first level. He struggles with Cro-Mag rally, though.
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    I am in the unfortunate position of running Windows XP at home and Windows ME at work. Let me state, unequivically, that Windows ME is hellish experience. I can't wait for my upgrade disk to arrive from can't possibly come soon enough for me. Activation or not.
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    For use with my Visor Deluxe, winME, which also is for assorted games, a graphics program called Blender, and genealogy.

    For writing and digital camera work, os9.2.1 on my 256mb iBook 500, which also allows for DVD viewing.

    For programming in REALbasic and C/C++, I use osX.1, though I also use winME for C++ (via Microsoft).
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    Win ME on my home desktop, Win 2k at work, and Win 98 on my (rarely used) laptop. I'm toying with upgrading to XP at home - my sister works at Microsoft, so I can get it cheap.
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