I've been around computers for a long time (owned them for some 25 years ... so I'm dating myself here). Mostly I have then as standalone machines, but I need some help with understanding how to set up a wifi network at home.

I use mobile broadband from Sprint (a Sierra Wireless Aircard) for internet access. I just plug into the USB port of a machine that needs net access at that time. Each machine has the required software for connection.

So, if I want wifi at home, with this mobile broadband device, what hardware exactly to I need to buy? I have zero knowledge about this (be gentle).

The only thing I know is I have to be able to plug the USB Aircard into into something. And enable wifi on the laptops.

All my PCs are Dell laptops running WinXP.

Thanks in advance. Or if you think I should be reading some website for background or basic information, point the way and I'll do that homework.