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    Thinking forward to Christmas, I am hoping to upgrade the home theater system, and to go with my new toys, I am thinking of replacing the MotoHDDVRSTB piece of junk I've been renting with either a TiVo or combining a Moxi DVR with a Sling player for network connectivity.

    Please vote for your choice, and share your thoughts.



    Sorry, I misspelled Moxi... For those of you not familier with it, check out
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    I've got a Tivo and a Sling Player and I love each for what they enable. Haven't heard of Moxi until you posted with it. Definitely a great idea to replace the Moto and I'd wholeheartedly recommend a Tivo as your DVR. I have two Tivo HD's (self-upgraded to 750GB's back in 2007) and they're far better than any cable company DVR I've ever tried. I'd have to try a Moxi to see if it's any better, but although they'd like to say they're less expensive, they're trying to compare their $800 standard 500GB DVR with the $600 1TB Tivo HD XL (+ 4 yrs of service). You could just as easily compare the $300 250GB Tivo HD (or the $200 refurb Tivo HD) and tack on the lifetime service for $400, so they're being a little disingenuous with their pricing comparisons.

    A SlingPlayer is needed with either DVR if you want to watch what's on your DVR from outside of your home network, and it's a great little device too ... send me a Moxi and I'd be happy to do a comparison test for you!
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    The moxi has no ability to "outward network" at this time, and it doesn't look like it will have that ability soon. Supposedly it has the hardware, but has some licensing issues with microsoft to get it to work. We'll have to see. The sling player, of course, would overcome that, and some by allowing me to view it from anywhere I have a high speed internet connection with my laptop. I know that there are ways to do that even with the tivo without the slingplayer (a little vpn skulduggery has gotten it done for one friend of mine,) but I don't see it as entirely necessary. I do need, however, to be able to transfer my wife's cooking shows, and my home improvement shows over to my computer so that I can put them ona dvd, and get them of the dvr. The TiVo can do that OTB.

    Thanks for your thoughts though. You've given me some good things to consider.
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    Why not a Tivo with a Sling box?

    I have a Tivo HD and I LOVE it. I upgrade the Hard drive to a 1TB disk and it's great. I use the cable card and I don't miss on demand. I record what I want and que it up when I want to. and the NetFlix integration is slick. Their menu system could use an upgrade but the functionality is dead on.

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    I really don't need the "watch it anywhere" connectivity of the slingbox. The slingbox is just to overcome the fact that the moxi has _no_ outward network connectivity at all.

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