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    About three years ago, I got Civilization II as a Christmas gift. I played it maybe once or twice afterward but since I got another game that Christmas that had far better graphics, I played that more often and I forgot about Civ II.

    Anyways, a few weeks ago, I found the CD of it and started playing it. That game finished 24 hours later (though I did sleep 5 hours in between). I didn't win after 2020 and likely would have lost the space race in 2039 when the Zulu space ship arrived at a Centauri. I played it last night, and won in 1961! My spaceship left in 1949 and arrived in 1961. Plus I had all the techs to Future Tech #4. I don't know if I can top that. I had all the wonders but 3 ancient wonders.

    I am sure most of you have played Civ II, 4 years ago. Anyone do better than that with a space ship.
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    Found the disk for my ancient powerMac 6100 a few weeks ago and have been wasting a bit too much time on the iBook (os9) 'stead of doing the books in Quicken (osX) or listening to shortwave (and cataloging stations with the database in AppleWorks).

    Forget spaceships and try to conquer with Fundamentalist troops. Gotta do it before anyone discovers aircraft, though.

    Use nothing but howitzers in conquering some other enemy.

    Pummel the enemy mercilessly with scads of aircraft carriers, but remember to bring a paratrooper (or two).

    If you get enough FT's, you might receive a special surprise.
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    While I've never played it (I've little interest in world-building games; give me Populous so I can conquer the dirty little heathens and I'm happy) my brother has been a fan of Civ and Civ II for years. The earliest space travel that he managed that I know of is 1885.
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