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    This doesn't really fit in too well to other areas as it's somewhere in newbie/OT territory.

    I like the idea of using my VPro to carry around reference docs - command reference sort of thing. What I'm curious about is if anybody else has software they can recommend for doing this. Or do you go down the route of developing a custom form onto some sort of storage for the material?

    What I would like to achieve are custom docs/reference guides with decent internal linking, indexes, glossaries etc.

    I haven't had the time yet to get a full grip of using the palm os beyond the apps I've dowloaded; ebooks, avantgo, doc readers etc etc. hence this question.

    Any suggestions or .. 'try reading ...' would be appreciated.
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    iSilo has apps that allow you to create your own HTML-based doc's that include hyperlinks, images, etc.
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    Thanks for that info .. I've downloaded things like 'vi command reference' and went 'I'd like to do something like that'.

    Thanks again


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