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    ...what would it be?

    The holidays are coming, and I have to pick a game early so I have enough time to convince my wife that it is important.

    I prefer racing games over anything. So far, I've narrowed it down to GTIII, Nascar Heat, and Grand Theft Auto III.

    Any thoughts? At $50 a pop, I'm probably only going to have one game for quite a while, so I need it to be somewhat interesting after playing once a week or so for a while...

    Any other interesting games coming out (racing or otherwise)?
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    I have played GT3 and I think it is awesome. Probably would keep me interested the longest out of all three, though I have not played GTAIII. I spent hours and hours playing GT1, though.

    As for NASCAR, the game that looks really awesome is NASCAR Thunder 2002, by EA Sports. This is the first game that allows a full 43 car field.

    I love racing games and between GT3 and NASCAR Thunder 2002, I am seriously considering getting a PS2.
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    I have my eye on Spy Hunter as my next purchase/gift/etc.
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    Can you rent PS2 games yet? Then you could try them out for yourself and decide which you'd like best (unless, of course, the wife won't let you rent them either ).

    I know the local BlockBuster has PS1 games for rent, but, not being a big gaming person, I don't keep up on it (although, my friend has a copy of GT that just about has me hooked. Hmm. on second thought, I spend too much time in front of a CRT as it is).
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    Since you said you liked Racing games, then Gran Turismo 3 would be the one for you, It's phenomenal and I don't even like racing games much. Although there is one game coming out that looks pretty sweet. It's called Kinetica and it appears that the gist of it is that you race around cities in some sort of motorcyle "suit" if you will.

    There's a website called that rents PS2 games over the internet. It might be something you can use to try out your games before you buy them.
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    Our PS2 came bundled with ATV Off-road Fury and we've had lotsa fun with it. The controls are very simple and intuitive. When you get tired of racing you can try your hand at freestyle or play "King of the Rooftop" like my 8 year-old and I did for the better part of an afternoon not long ago...
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    Duh! Gran Turismo 3!
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