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    I can't take it, I'm trying to help my brother uninstall Win ME but I don't know how! THIS POS! Everytime I try to start it up it freezes, I pop in the start up disk and try to run under safe mode and then the computer turns off! There's no DOS, how can I just reformat that whole thing? Thanks.
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    You cannot uninstall ME. Microsoft made it that way. Only way to get rid of it is upgrade to XP or get dos boot disks and reformat the hardrive that way.

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    If you're removing (didn't)WinMe, what are you planning on replacing it with? XP? or back to Win98? Or giving M$ the boot entirely?

    If you upgraded to WinMe, whatever previous OS you were using should have a boot disk for formating (besides the install CD). If not, borrow one from somebody...

    My suggestion is pull the hard drive, and install it in a functioning machine, then boot up and delete the windows installation directory, plus any files on the root directory (x:/ EXCEPT io.sys & msdod.sys (needed for the OS to read the drive). If you don't clean out the root directory and you're installing another M$ pOS, it'll read that you already have an OS installed...
    (Yes, I've cleaned out my OS far too many times in the past 2 months.. if XP only corrupts every other month, it'll be an improvement...) Make sure to copy out the /applications/ and /favorites/ folders before you delete the /windows/ directory to save your email and bookmarks (assuming you use Outlook Express & IE.)

    Good luck with the surgery...
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    Forget winME. Use Mandrake instead. KDE is just like winME, but much better designed. You'll feel good about yourself at the end of each day, and you won't want to paint your PC brown and drop kick it off the roof.

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