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    i'm a bit frustrated as my wintel machine constantly has low resources (often only 20-36% free).

    i have a pentium iii 500 with a GIG of ram and plenty of free hard drive space. when i first boot my machine i have about 70% resources free. when i run one or two apps (and small apps, even, like winamp), and have the machine on for a few hours, the resources drops to under fifty and then gets worse from there.

    i've run a virus check with the latest patch from pc-cillin.

    is there anything i can do/run to find out what's going on?


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    dump windoze and get a better OS.

    The system resources thing is a chronic annoyance with me, although I've found that Win98 seems to handle them much better than Win95 or WinME (*gag*). Still, Windoze leaks memory like a sieve.

    A couple of things you can do that won't really do much to recover system resources, just buy some extra time between reboots:

    1. limit the number of applications you start up at log in. Trim down what's in the startup folder to only what's necessary.

    2. limit the number of times you start/stop/restart applications, as each time you close and restart an app, a few more system resources get sucked away never to return.

    3. Switch to Win2K or NT. I hear they're much better at dealing with resources.
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    I think that Win 98 can only handle 256 meg's of ram, so having a Gig doesn't do anything at all for you. If you want to have an OS that can handle all of your avaible resources, then upgrade to windows 2000. Almost all utilites and drivers are avaible for it now, and you will never want to go back.


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