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    In the effort of full disclosure and total fairness I thought I'd post this after my reaming last week for complaining about bad customer service.

    Last week I got my Pre, and my husband got an Instinct s30 (We were both due our 2 year upgrades)

    Ive had lots of issues, but they have mostly resolved with the PRE.

    Last night we were working on setting up his instinct for a few things. I had already set up 5 different email accounts on it, some Gmail, a Hotmail, 2 POP, and another, I forget what. It was all working fine. We did have an issue the previous day about all of a sudden the web was getting some no access error on it, so we callled and they reset something, all was well at that point.

    I set up all these emails, got everyhing all good. Went to look at some other function on the phone, and something flashed, and when I went back to look at the emails, poof, all gone. All 5 set up accounts, and it reverted back to the wizard.. ughhh. Called Tech Support, only took 3 calls, and 4 transfers to get to the right person, pretty typical. Explained what happened, of course he had never heard of that happening (story of my life) and suggested we take it back to the store for repair or replace.

    Made an appt today, went in, waited less than 5 minutes, started to tell the guy the story, he was not at all interested, or ask any questions, just said with a smile, no problem , I'll get you a new one. Spent about 40 minutes now transferining music and pictures, AND gave my husband back the 1 gig Micro SD that came with the old one, and said keep it, along with the new one that came with the replacement.

    I was totally amazed, delighted, and impressed at how smoothly that went.

    NOW, lets just hope it WAS the device itself, as he is now back to square one setting it all back up.

    (between us, I did not really like that phone, and LOVE my PRE , but he does not want to spend another 100 bucks, his choice, thats ok)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    In the effort of full husband got an Instinct s30...

    No, seriously, I have always had good experiences in-store. The phone services.. well they have been good too.

    But that was seriously the worst phone he could possibly get. The regular instinct is better (by a slight margin).
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    I tend to agree, re the INstinct, buy hey, he is a grownup and I have enough trouble making decisions about my life, his life and cell phones are his deal

    hehe but I KNOW I have the better phone..

    So far so good, with this replacement one.. we shall see..

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