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    Bought a D-link Di-514 router the other day to carry around to use as a router for when im not home. The first time using it, i ran into problems. Setting up the router's security went smoothly. Reset the router, and now the wireless doesnt want to maintain a connection. Ok, so it has an option not to brodcast the ssid. enough security for what im doing and where i'm at. Bug now, every 20 min, i have to unplug it and plug it back in because it stops routing the internet. 5 min of research, and i find out that this particular model has had problems with over heating. I'm lipping it along, trying to make it work by mounting it vertical where there are more air holes to allow heat to escape, but that only gets me 25 min before it shuts down. Luckly i only paid 10 bucks for it, its not worth messing with the seller and pay pal over. I'll just drill some holes over the processor or something. Anybody got any jerry-rigging hint or tricks?
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    Add a fan to help with the airflow?
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    I had a Zoom modem that did that and I added a fan and then it was fine.
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    BTW there are very small fans that would probably fit into the case. And if not, it can be mounted externally for that geeky look.

    I added a quiet 40mm fan to my NAS that was always running hot. I got it from Acoustic PC.

    I also fixed a graphics card in my Mac with a replacement fan from Mouser.

    The biggest problem is finding/rigging a power connection for a fan in a device that does not normally have a fan.

    I suggest that you place any single fan with air flow going from inside case to outside. And if possible place fan over hottest area of device.
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    Did you upgrade the firmware as well?
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    One more thing...

    Before poking holes in the case, run it with case off to see if it would help.

    If opening case does not help, then blow fan over open unit to see if adding a fan would help.

    If fan does not help, then you're probably not going to get things working well.

    As a last ditch effort you can check the heat sink over the hot chip(s) and change the heat sink and/or it's compound to a better brew like Arctic Silver. It can be purchased from any good electronics store, like Fry's. Note doing this may destroy the hardware, as many devices use a compound that also glues the heat sink to the chip. Arctic Silver is NOT a replacement for a glue type product.

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