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    My son dropped his Centro in the pool. He heads off to college soon. Anyone getting rid of their old phone ? We are on Sprint.
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    I have a Centro (red) which has had a Seidio case and holder and screen protector on it. Case is a little scratched, but the Centro is in excellent health! PM with an offer. I was about to list it now that I've had my Pre for a month now.
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    I might be selling my Instinct? I am buying the pre here soon from a member. Let me know.

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    I have a 1 mo. old Treo 755p.
    Extra battery, docking, 2 cables, box, two chargers.

    I had listed on ebay, but it did not sell. Make me an offer.

    Item number: 120432456515
    Thank you
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    I have 1 of each available:
    Treo Pro (850)
    Treo 800w
    HTC Touch Pro
    PM me.
    - Jeff
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    Instinct, katana, and a 755p here... make an offer. I keep them in-case I decided I was a change of pace or I have a massive failure.
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    Treo 700w
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    Treo 755p mint. $90, PM me...
    Sprint Palm Pre-
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    I have a black centro, (One subtle scratch on screen.) seido rubber case, belt clip side holster, car charger, multiple wall chargers, seido charging stand. Palm bluetooth headset. Box and documents.
    PM an offer.
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    I've got a 700p with 2 chargers, box, and documents.
    Sprint Palm Treo 700p with MR --> Palm Pre

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    Still got that 700w
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    I've got a Moto Q9C. PM me an offer if you're interested.
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    I have a Sprint Sanyo M1. Used it for a year. It's in perfect condition and comes with a wall charger, a car charger, earphones, a leather belt clip case, the original box and all the manuals. $50.00 and all of it is yours.

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