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    Woah cujo77! Bad dog! Er- I mean culo77. Lay off the Ad Hominem. Homer isn't the only one who considers blatantly poor spelling as annoying as the squeaky wheel of a grocery cart.

    The fact is people do make judgements based on first impressions. I don't like that but people do. I do it too I'm sure. I don't like people thinking I'm too young for the position I have before they know any more about me. But I know that those first impressions are important. That's why a person with a clean desk will be seen as more professional than those without. Those who clean their bedroom and bring home a girlfriend will get the Scooby Snack more than Messy Marvin. Like it or not, the person who spells better will be perceived as more intelligent. I know Einstein had a messy desk. That's fine. But if he didn't I bet other's first impressions of him would have been better.

    Don't make assumptions about who made more money, if you are capable of Homer's job, if he "has a life" or if he is lonely. Because if you make an assumptions like that you make yourself seem even more childish. So settle down, use the spell check, and stop the personal attacks.

    In your own words: "Taking shots at people is a sad way to make yourself feel better. " Follow your own admonishment.
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    Originally posted by culo77
    Taking shots at people is a sad way to make yourself feel better.
    Seems like there's shots coming from your side of the fence as well.

    Being that I have the power to lock threads, let this be a warning. Personal attacks WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
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    My dear, poor, poor crackbabie "homer",
    Ugh. If you are going to call people childish names, please spell them right.

    (I'm getting this feeling that you are not anywhere close to being of college age. I could be wrong, but you sound closer to junior high age...that's not a criticism, just an observation. You seem to use the words 'dude' and 'crackbabie' much more than any 19+ year old I've ever met).

    I wasnt asking for a job, i was asking for ideas for a job.
    Uh...this is what you originally asked:

    I NEED A JOB....i am look for a job so if anyone can help i would so gratefulllllllllll.
    You said you were looking for a job and wanted some help. I suggested some things to help you in the job search. You called me a 'crackbabie'.

    Anyways. I think you were trying to insult me with that last post, but it honestly sounds like a kid's weak attempt at taunting a classmate.

    Anyways...good luck with the job search I guess. Let us know how it works out...

    Personal attacks WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
    Well, truth be told, I AM a lonely, poor, depressed crackbabie who will never make as much money as a Chicagoland 19 year no offense was taken. As suggested, I'm going to go 'watch rebba on the WB.' (As soon as I figure out what 'rebba' is...)
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    Originally posted by culo77
    Just help yourself out of your deppression
    Is that a lack of Johnny Depp? 'cause, I mean, he has a new movie out.

    (just an observation.)
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    Is that a lack of Johnny Depp?
    Actually, I believe that would be classified as "depprivation".
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    The internet is a funny thing. In some ways it allows people to be something they are not (like lying about their age, looks, gender, or financial situation). It also gives some people the chance to be themselves (shy people who come out of their shell).

    I don't know if Culo is really twelve like he sounds but I think this horse has truly been beaten to death.

    I think my advice to Culo is this : you are looking for ideas for jobs you can apply for in Chicago. Do not apply for any jobs that require writing skills, you don't have any. Additionally don't apply for any jobs that require social skills, calling people "crack baby" and "dude" will not get you very far either. Find out what your strong points are and if any of those skills you possess can make for an interesting job, and go for it.

    If you are really twelve, stay in school, listen to your teachers (particularly your English teachers), and get a good education. Remember the more you open your mouth (or type on your keyboard) to try to convince someone you are something you are not, the more people will realize you are a fraud.

    BTW, I never noticed the spell checker before...Kudos for the tip. It works well from what I can see.
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    Ok fine i am a dumb 12 year old kid.

    I will now ask help from everyone who hates me.

    Whats is a good freeware app. for me?
    I need a good dictionary or thesaurus app.

    Freeware app. please, cause its friday and i am going out tonight and saturday and i will be broke!!!!!
    Hey baby before we start do you mind if we use my M505?
    No not for that!!!!!!!!!!
    Use it to reffer to PalmaSutra, silly???????
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    Noahlite is a free Dic, neber looked for a Thesauras, one came with the GoType I used to have, but the once or twice I used it, the program seemed ok.

    Oops - I don't hate you - maybe I shouldn't have helped.
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    Ok fine i am a dumb 12 year old kid.
    No one called you dumb.

    I'll second Noah as a good dictionary...although I can't say that I hate you...
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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