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    Quote Originally Posted by joshewah View Post
    Ever since I started using twitter I have lusted after other men.

    Can't believe I caught the gay from this site.

    @sharkims - I usually just post pictures to share with people. Those who post when they go to take a dump I don't usually follow. :P
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    mine is @missiondarkfox
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo View Post
    You know my twitter now
    I thought it was pretty clear what my twitter was... but here it is
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo View Post
    I thought it was pretty clear what my twitter was... but here it is
    Sorry! I assumed that was some sort of message spam and read right over it! Your twitter has been added!
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    but I tend to tweet from my PC, not my Pre
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    @northside lol! from a treo 755.
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    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    Twitter is gay. I don't get the media obession sorrounding this site.
    I've been able to update status on a web page since 2004 with more than 160 characters.
    I'll agree although without the homo-phobic slur. I'll just say it's the latest flash in the pan for web 2.0.

    Anything that allows people to throw themselves onto the Internet in some form seems to appeal to the masses. It really is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the zeros and ones for USEFUL info.
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    Prē *********♥
    Pixi *********♥
    Patched up
    Now on a Samsung Epic
    *Creator of the best thread on precentral*


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    Maybe if I get some friends on Twitter I will get into using it more.
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    Follow me on
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    (I tweet a lot from my Pre)
    My shiny new TouchPad apps: Scientific RPN Calculator HD - Screamager HD
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    Very few of my tweets are Palm-related. Most of them are related to brewing beer (I'm a home brewer).
    ‎"Is that suck and salvage the Kevin Costner method?" - Chris Matthews on Hardball, July 6, 2010. Wonder if he's talking about his oil device or his movie career...
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