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    Since I'm still up I went around and fixed almost all my timepieces. I didn't get to the car yet and the Visor and Mac changed themselves, plus two watches I never use have dead batteries. (though it's recommended, I didn't test the smoke alarm ... mostly because it's almost 3 am and it would annoy the neighbors, but also because it went off earlier when dinner smoked a bit.)

    All told I have 15 timekeepers, including four watches, three wall clocks, a kitchen timer, radios, TV, VCR, computers, and a couple miniclocks. Didn't count the car.

    How many do you have?
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    I had never thought of how many there were to change! Good golly, I had way more than I thought I did. I usually go to bed during the time change having changed my alarm and my watch ahead of time (and oh-so-proud-of-myself for being so organized and ahead of the game). Then I wake up to discover I have several other clocks I didn't change. This happens every single time change, you'd think I'd have figured it out by now!

    I had 4 watches, 2 alarms, stove, microwave, wall clock, and my visor. My VDx didn't change on it's own. I'm not counting the VCR because I have grown fond of the flashing 12:00. Both computers changed on their own. I also will not count my car clock because I didn't change it back in the spring so now the time is correct again!

    That would be 10 total for me that I actually changed.

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    Wife's Truck
    Work Van
    Alarm Clock

    I'm a simple man.
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    just visor and computer. computer changed itself.

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    Had to change...
    wall clock (doesn't keep time anyway)
    truck - dash and stereo
    voice recorder
    computer changed itself

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    Well, if you live in the great state of Indiana you don't HAVE to change your clocks because we don't do Daylight Savings Time.
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    Originally posted by BertBert
    Well, if you live in the great state of Indiana you don't HAVE to change your clocks because we don't do Daylight Savings Time.
    Oh yeah, Indiana takes care of time perfectly :

    US and Indiana law create three different time arrangements in the Hoosier State:
    76 counties (including state capital Indianapolis) are in the Eastern Time Zone but do not change to Daylight time in April; instead they remain on Standard Time all year long;

    11 counties -- six near Chicago, IL, and five near Evansville, IN, are in the Central Time Zone and use both Central Standard and Central Daylight; and

    five other counties -- two near Cincinnati, OH, and three near Louisville, KY -- are in the Eastern Time Zone but use both Eastern Standard and Eastern Daylight.

    Also see:
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    Originally posted by PDAENVY

    Oh yeah, Indiana takes care of time perfectly :
    My statement was DEFINITELY tongue-in-cheek. At one point my wife and I were living in South Bend -- 5 miles south of Michigan, which is on Eastern time -- with my wife working in LaPorte County which is one of those six counties near Chicago which change time with Chicago. So we had (1) the rule that IN doesn't observe DST, (2) the rule that LaPorte County DOES change, but with Chicago which is in a different time zone than the one we lived in, and (3) the rule that Michigan changes normally. Talk about a screwed-up time system. I remember showing up to meet my wife for lunch at her work once -- I was three hours early and I honestly thought I was on time!
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    My dad's from IN, and my grandma lived there, so I was aware of the difficulties and I thought other people might be interested in the details.

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