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    I was checking out GPRS service in my area today and almost fell out of my seat when I see the prices. $25 for 2 MB of downloads or .05/kb!! This is just plain ridiculous. I am usually and early adopter of new technologies, but I think when it comes to GPRS I will be sitting on the sidelines until they have some better rates...say $1/MB.
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    VoiceStream is extremly expensive too. I have the PDA plan (19.99/month) but it only gives me 5MB transfer per month!

    Additional bandwidth is $5 per MB.

    If I got their higher "Laptop" plan, I could buy extra MBs for $4.

    That is ludicrous! Just browsing around for a couple of minutes soaks up all the included bandwidth.

    Yeah, it is faster (up to 46k here I think, and being faster means I wan't to surf more. Catch 22.), but most of the time I dial up over the circuit switch network because it is too expensive use grps.

    Flat rate! Flat rate!

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