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    Seems to me that there is some spin going on here. Gov'ment sources say that they're "investigating whether there is a link to the 9/11 attacks," but have no conclusive evidence. The media outlets seem to mention this, but then move on to other Anthrax related stuff-who has it, how they got it, how potent it is, how to watch for it, and so on.

    I feel like there's a bit of misdirection going on here. Does anybody know of any stories of the investigation actually finding any hard leads? I know they're not about to give themselves away to the mass media if it will compromise their search, but the quick shift from "who done it" to "Anthrax avoidance 101" seems to indicate that the answer to the former question is "Hell if we know."

    ...what happens if these anthrax attacks just stop? Will we ever be able to find the culprit? Seems we ought to be able to, but then again, just how long did it take to find the other famous mail killer-the Unabomber? A long, long time.

    I know that they're pursuing this from the most logical route-tracking possible sources of the strain and people who may be capable of making it... but that seems like finding a needle in a needle-stack...
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    Would it be a hoot if it turns out they used a Visor Prism or Pro with that announced GPS/GSM module in combo with sophisticated desktop GIS software from the military or CIA to track down both the anthrax and the ObL and his cronies. Can't buy advertising like that.
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    fact is unless somebody trips over the culprits, gets greedy, careless, bragging or gets a whiff of conscience then there isn't a whole lot you can do to track somebody. Person could drive all the way from LA to Trenton, NJ. Pop a letter in the drop box on a corner somewhere and that's where the trail could end. This is assuming that the anthrax purchase/manufacture trail doesn't turn up anything.

    The mail in and of itself is anonymous. They can track where paper is made, who made it, what stores sold it during what times, what brand of ink pen wrote it and where it was distributed to. Even knowing all that can't tell us who did it and more importantly where they are now.

    Whomever is doing all this and however many that may be are reasonably smart. It doesn't take much except a little common sense and planning. Where most criminals screw up is being too lazy to take the precautions and plan or the need to take credit and brag.

    Only reason the unabomber was caught is because his brother turned him in. If he hadn't had a family and they ran across some of his papers and stuff and hadn't had the guts to turn him in he'd still be doing it today.
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    I hope that the S.O.B. responsible had a very unpleasant last few days of life... I know, probably wishful thinking.
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    Just last night I was watching the Senate grill the deputy director of the CIA. The guy couldn't answer much of anything. I thought he was going to get one right when the lady asked "Have you nailed down the number and location of known labs in the world, that have the capabity to produce the quantity and grade of anthrax currently being used"

    All he said was "I don't know"

    You should've seen the look on her face, she was flabergasted at first, then you could see this look of disgust sweep across her face.

    It didn't give me a very warm or fuzzy feeling towards the CIA
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    I have to say, if I was the director of the CIA and I was getting grilled by a bunch of Senators, I would probably say "I do not know" to everything they asked.

    The last thing we need is a bunch of politicians acting like they know what is going on, especially on Television.

    Now, it could be that the CIA is really clueless, but I certainly would not want give away all my information in front of the Senate and everyone watching at home.
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