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    So thought I'd share my crazy morning yesterday.

    I'm doing my usual routine before work, get out of the shower, go to brush my teeth and grab my citrus listerine. Take a mouthful of it, swish it around and begin to notice it doesn't have its usual citrus flavor and something is seriously wrong. Start gagging and realize something was in my mouthwash.

    So when all was said and done we found out my 10-year old step-daughter apparently tried using the bottle and spilled a bunch of it. So for whatever reason she didn't want anyone to know she got into it, she wanted to fill it back up so it would go unnoticed. In our bathroom closet there are 2 hairspray bottles. One is hairspray and the other we just have water in so we can spray down the little kids hair when we brush it. She grabbed the bottle she thought was water and refilled my listerine bottle with it.

    Let me tell you, a mouthful of hairspray is NOT a great start to a morning.
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    OMG but does make for a great Forum story lol.
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    Ha, that is indeed one hell of a way to start a morning.

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