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    Quote Originally Posted by Iago View Post
    Well, I would never be so presumptuous to state with certainty such charges, especially when the man beat it. (no pun intended )
    Do I think it was possible yeah, likely no. He hung around a lot of child stars too, why haven't any of them come forward with accusations? I think the only mistake he made was allowing unscrupulous people to get close to him.
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    Most people in Hollywood are messed up and do things you or I would never consider normal, that is why you haven't heard anything from the child stars. Or it maybe he only took advantage of people whom he felt lacked the means, financially or otherwise to fight him in court or elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poopsie View Post
    He hated Jews...
    Okay, the pedophile accusation is one thing, but that is inexcusable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcs7272 View Post
    All of the people who are flaming me prove my point, ZOMBIES!!! People today are so freaking weak minded and self absorbed "If it didn't happen to me or doesn't affect me directly it didn't happen / I don't care" That is the problem with this country today! How would you feel if someone hurt you sexually or otherwise but they were rich and paid everyone off? Everybody would be saying you are lying it did not happen. He was a great artist / school teacher / priest, he would never do that." It would tear you up! If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, guess what! Make all of the arguments you want, tell me I am this and that, and when and if it happens to you or a loved one (And I hope it never does) Let's see how you feel. To many Americans worship actors,singers and athletes instead of paying attention to important things. Sports fans burn cars in streets after games, Pro and high school athletes get away with rape and worse because they are "talented" As a nation we are becoming afraid to stand up for what's right or we are just becoming apathetic self centered politically correct ZOMBIES!
    I'm just curious, why so bitter? He's dead, let him FINALLY rest.
    But please tell me why you're so bitter? (I'm not here to argue with you, or insult you in any way and I hope you give me the same respect) but why are you so bitter, he was great at what he did, he was a 50 year old kid who never grew up and my personal opinion, I don't think he had enough experience nor was he bright enough to do what he was accused of and lie about it so clean, he was still immature at 50, clueless.

    Just leave him alone man, and let him rest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Okay, the pedophile accusation is one thing, but that is inexcusable!
    LOL! You rock groovy!
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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