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    hey everyone, my name is Dylan Seeger. Im 14 years old and music is my LIFE! I've been singing for all my life, I play saxophone and piano and it all means so much to me. My obsession is to share my music with the world and that is what i am trying to do.

    My new debut album is called Walk Along, its on Amazon MP3 and iTunes... I think you'll all use Amazon MP3 seeing as its pre-loaded on the Palm Pre.

    Here is the link to it on Amazon MP3: Walk Along: MP3 Downloads: Dylan Seeger

    here it is on itunes: iTunes Store - Dylan Seeger - Walk Along

    If you want to hear previews of the songs, I suggest using the Amazon link because the iTunes links all start at terrible places in the songs.

    also, if you like the music, you can follow me on twitter: Dylan Seeger (dylanseeger) on Twitter

    I know that was a whole lot of links, but I'm NOT here to sell my music, but rather to get the word out. I just want to hear what you guys think.

    There are full songs on my youtube channel here: YouTube - dylanseegermusic's Channel

    thank you everyone!

    PS I'm looking into getting an Eos if it ever comes out... Right now I have a Treo 680
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    Get the Pre! You'll love it with twitter. Anyway, nice work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    Get the Pre! You'll love it with twitter. Anyway, nice work.
    I'd love to, but I'm on ATT and I can't switch... Family plans... I love my 680 though

    And thank you, and thanks for following me on twitter
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    By the way its also on Napster, if anyone cares. Thanks!
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    hey all, My names Dylan Seeger and I'm 14 years old. I am my own songwriter and writing music is my favorite thing to do. There isn't anything better than writing a song. My obsession and dream is to share my music worldwide... Anyway, I don't have much to say right now, but Leave me a comment or message and let me know what you think... I'd be happy to talk to anybody, if ya want!

    Anyway, my album is on iTunes, Napster, Amazon and more. Its called Walk Along, and its all based around life: friendships, love, ideas, and self realizations that make us better people... or not. Be sure to buy my album if you like me, and DEFIANTLY follow me on Twitter, or friend request me on Myspace so that you can get all my latest tweets! thanks everyone!

    You can also listen to my music on Youtube here at my Youtube Channel: YouTube - dylanseegermusic's Channel

    So, PLEASE friend me up on Myspace, Dylan Seeger on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    I could always use another friend
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    Wow, you are in one tough and highly competitive industry! I have a niece who's been trying to break into the music industry as well. It is a long and really challenging road.

    I know it is a long shot but have you tried doing auditions on those prime time shows like American Idol or America's Got Talent or anything similar at a state level? Or trying the relative connection route with your great uncle?

    You have the talent and your goal is have someone in the music business hear your songs. Be careful on who you end up connecting with in the internet whether through here or somewhere else.
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    Thanks, I appreciate your advice

    PS: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make a new topic for this. I post a lot and I forgot that I posted here already
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    I only heard a minute or so on your you tube page but you seem to have a talent. Good luck!!! I will listen more later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talsair View Post
    I only heard a minute or so on your you tube page but you seem to have a talent. Good luck!!! I will listen more later.
    Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing your full opinion
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    I'll check it out.
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    You have a nice voice. Good luck with your musical career .
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    thank you very much

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