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    First computer I won was a timex that hooked to your tv and never worked.
    First real computer was the Commodore 128....Load "*",8,1......ah remember those days?
    My father bought my brother and I a mechanical computer when we were about 12. It could do basic mathematics.

    I used a Sinclair ZX-80 and then later Timex ZX-81's to take data for my Master Thesis way back in 1980-1983. I had one at home that actually had a flight simulator that ran if you had the 16K expansion pack. I went through an introduction to computer programming and wrote a breakout game in assembly on the machine. Pretty cool.

    When I got a 'real job', I got a black Bell&Howell Apple II+.
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    To think that when this thread started, I had a Handspring Visor Deluxe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by briker206 View Post
    Good ol' C64. Still have the thing. Ahhh the memories....
    Right there with ya.
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    Coleco "Adam" computer. Featuring a digital data drive! (aka cassette)
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    Yeah I had a C64 too as my first computer...
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    I had a c64 too, but I think I had a comadore vic 20 before that. My mother was cleaning and tried to get me to take it when I graduated from college. I kind of wish I had.
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