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    Color Monitor
    one 5 1/4 inch floppy, no hard drive
    256 K (that's K) memory
    Basic cartridges in the two front cartridge slots
    Two key boards (both IR) one the so called chiclet (water proof etc) and a regualr IR keyboard
    One side car to add on the printer port

    Got a 9 pin Okidata pin feed printer (all steel, very heavy)

    I still got both of them, and orginal boxes as well!

    Now that was a piece of work, got me through graduate school though.
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    IBM PCjr FTW! (hey I got an employee discount)

    I ended up tweaking it to the max. In the end it had an overclocked cpu, a harddrive, 3MB of extended memory, and speech recognition.
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    I guess the question should be "What was your first personal computer"
    I drove an M60 tank in the mid 1970s that sort of had a computer for firing.

    So, the first computer I used was the first IBM PC, and the first I owned was the Apple IIe. No CPM, to edit anything, you had to use a combination of keystrokes to get to the character you wanted to change, a couple more keystrokes to make the change!!!! It had, wait for it, a 10MB drive. I got it rid of it in short order.

    I have been in high tech for 26 years, but I used a calculator for the first time when I went to University and could not believe that this tiny device could do math, so I checked its calcualtions by hand. Now, I own a
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    Apple IIc
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    atari 800, with 48k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post
    Having had an remote inside look in the industry during that time.....I can tell you stories and strong opinions of why and how that happened....if anyone starts MS a bashing....uh.... I mean.....MS rise to power thru "innovation" thread, I would share!
    Quote Originally Posted by BARYE View Post
    lets hear it hobbes --

    (I wish I'd been smarter then about how windows & M$ would envelop the planet ...)
    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post
    There is a different in respecting how a man and his company came to be successful and then have a different respect of how they use that power once obtained. This is what I am talking about Big difference.
    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss View Post
    I agree. Do you think Gates didn't read "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" My original response was meant to be sarcastic, not caustic.

    Here is what I posted about this in a thread where some were bashing Microsoft:


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    Am I the only one that started with a TRS80 WITH 16K. I later upgraded it to 64k.

    It had a tape deck, cartridge slot. I remember Dungeons of Dagaba. I later even got a 51/4 floppy drive. It was connected to my TV.

    I think my parents paid a grand for it. How things have changed.
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    First computer was a TRS-80 Color Computer (4k) which I rewired with 64K chips. Second computer was a KIM-1.
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    Speaking of first computers...

    The attached b&w archive photo illustrates the scientific vision of the home computer from over 50 years ago!

    The screen size and resolution are wonderful. Screen placement has evolved somewhat over the years though.

    Although the placement of the QWERTY keyboard was revolutionary, their early attempts at function, format, look and feel left it somewhat klunky...

    I particulary like their "circular steering" vision of the D-pad which would half a century later become an integral part of the Treo line.

    ha ha ha... sorry, couldn't resist having some fun!
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    WiFi ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    WiFi ??
    no. didnt you notice the logo? it said palm.

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    The first computer I used in high school was the Radio Shack TRS-80. The first computer we had at home was a 286 machine that ran the original Windows software. It was ugly.

    Its more fun for me to think back to my first work computer - it was an IBM model, a 386DX, with 4MB of ram and a 40MB hard drive. I get a kick thinking about how much more processing power my Moto Q has compared to that computer.

    Similarly, I think back to my first business application suite from Lotus - AmiPro 3.1 and some iteration of Lotus 1-2-3. Looking back I am still amazed at how good AmiPro was - I could easily create macros in AmiPro, something that is probably possible in Word, but I have never figured out how to do. It was also easier to print labels and envelopes using a word processor in 1991 than it is today - envelop and label printing using Microsoft products continues to be brutally frustrating...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erch63 View Post
    Am I the only one that started with a TRS80 WITH 16K. I later upgraded it to 64k.

    It had a tape deck, cartridge slot. I remember Dungeons of Dagaba. I later even got a 51/4 floppy drive. It was connected to my TV.
    Yeah, that's the "CoCo" (Color commputer). I had an earlier model than you. I made a composite output circuit to go to a greenscreen monitor, where I could get better resolution to display 80x24. The CoCo was interesting because it had a 6809E CPU instead of the usual 6502. I still have tihis computer in my attic.

    -- Bob
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Oh, I'm really showing my age here!

    In about 1982, I bought an Osborne 1 portable computer. It had two floppy disk drives, weighed about 24 pounds, and had a 5" screen. It cost about $1700, if I remember correctly. I think that the maximum memory capacity was 64K!
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    First computer I won was a timex that hooked to your tv and never worked.
    First real computer was the Commodore 128....Load "*",8,1......ah remember those days?
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    First one I used was an ICL 1900 running George 3, MINIMOP & FORTRAN in 1970. First one I owned was a BBC B in 1981 (which came with an interactive poem by Roger McGough called Now Press Return).
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    This is such a nostalgic thread, after reading it I felt the urge to go "treasure" hunting in the attic - I still have many of my early computers, most in working order.

    My very first computer was a Tandy Pocket Computer PC-1...right now I am playing with the PC-3 that I have and still works like the first day I used it. Eventually owned the four models released and learned BASIC on the little one-liner display of the PC-1. From that I eventually moved to the HP 200LX (Palmtop PC running MS-DOS) - still have it in full working order.

    "Desktop-wise" my very first computer was the original Tandy Color Computer - where I "refined" my BASIC and got my first exposure to the world of machine language via PEEK/POKE.

    From that I "evolved" to a TRS-80 Model 16 (anyone remember Multiplan, dBASE or Scripsit?). My first IBM "clone" a Leading Edge Model D my father gave me, amazing machine: 7.16 mHz 8-bit 8088 processor, 256 K of RAM, a rather cool amber monitor (later upgraded to CGA) and two 5 1/4" floppy (DSDD and everything) - no more cassette storage for me.

    Then I discovered Jameco Electronics and thus began my journey into tweaking the Leading Edge and eventually putting toguether a 386 "beast" that remained with me for years. times fly!
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    In 1996 (or so) my father bought a Leading Edge (PC Clone) computer. I have no idea what the specs were, but I remember it had an amber monochrome monitor, and my sister and I were very excited when we moved up to our CGA monitor. I remember playing a couple of games (Telengard and Starflight) on that CGA monitor.

    We also played Exodus Ultima III and Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    The first computer that was mine I got my senior year in college. I think it was a 386, 20mhz, 33 mhz "turbo" or something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doggy View Post
    I had a buddy who had an Apple and I have two words for you...Castle Wolfenstein!!! Not the 3D junk they released for the PC later on.
    LOVED THAT GAME! I would play it on my friends Apple as well.

    That, and Wizardry.

    Also liked Bards Tale and Wasteland, those were classic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iramike View Post
    I later upgraded it as far as I could get it to an Evergreen Overdrive processor to 75 Mhz that emualted a Pentium, and 36 Megs of RAM! and a 1.3 Gig hard drive. Lastly a 16 meg graphics card! WOW!
    Hey, I got one of those Evergreen processors for my 386!!

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