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    FIRST: Please don't respond that Microsoft Outlook Express is the root of all evil and the bane of mankind...

    Anyway, does anyone know if you can save email to your hard drive outside of OE? For example, when I close a file, I would like to save all of the email that it generated to sort of an archive location and get its folder out of my current ones. I guess I could do this in Express, but I would like to move it out of there
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    Well first of all, Outlook Express is not the root of all evil, merely a symptom. Microsoft itself is the root...

    Do you mean that you want to view e-mail messages outside of Outlook? Like with Notepad or something? As far as I can remember, you can click File->Save, but I think that only saves it as a *.eml file that only Outlook can read. Maybe you can specify a Rich Text format?

    I am using regular Outlook, but I think Express should have the same functionality. I clicked on "Tools", selected "Options", and went to the "Other" tab. There is a button there for Auto-Archive, which automatically saves e-mail to a location that I specify and empties the Deleted Items folder. Maybe Express has this as well?
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    I have my inbox divided into folders by my clients and each client's folder is divided into folders by their files. When a file is closed, I would like to move that folder to some other place so as not to clutter up my current file folders. I don't necessarily need to read them unless for some reason there is a question on down the line about an email. Then again, I usually print them and put them in the physical paper file, so maybe I should just delete...

    Tools Options Maintenance has a "Store Folder" option, but I don't know when it does the "storing"

    It may be that my best best is to open a new folder in Express and call it "archive" and do it that way.

    Thanks for your help.

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