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    I know his posts were going the way of not nice but I did a search to find something out of order but had no luck. I will miss this guy, he wasn't only on precentral. I understand there was probably more to it...

    If this post is out of order, I apologise, just delete it. But is there a reason we don't use the banned users thread anymore?

    EDIT: this should have gone into the thread. Sorry!
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    Yeah I noticed too. Earlier in the week he had replied to some threads I subscribed to and next thing I noticed it said he was banned. Man, Gekko was a long time member too. Should've known better.
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    Yes, he was banned after ignoring several warnings and a significant number of user complaints, etc. We don't use the banned thread as it does not help the forums intent and imposing infraction and being banned is a matter that is between the member and the forum moderators and admins.

    Having said that, I am closing this thread. He is on a temp ban only.

    If you have questions, please PM myself or Dieter directly.

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