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    There are all these different solutions out or in the works for Visor memory card storage and work in other devices. So tell me what are the advantages of each and what would you recommend.
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    There's also the Handspring Springboard solution.

    it all depends on your needs.

    Lowest cost: Matchbook + CF

    Midrange: Innopocket + CF or Pick your flavor of MemPlug (CF, SM, and soon MS)

    Upper range: Handspring/hagiware 16 meg module


    CF: Fast! but Visor can't access it directly. Needs Pi software or Kopsis' VFS.

    SM: SLOW, but small. Good if you're already using it for something else (i.e. camera, another Palm, etc.)

    MS: Sony's. About the same thing as the CF, but Sony. You won't be using this on your visor until MemPlug releases their latest. And then it'll be sticking out.

    Ram Springboard: Fast, seamless, but limited in size and expensivo.

    hope that helps
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    More on SM: It supposedly uses 1000 times less power. I have it and it seems to draw less than CF, but I don't know about 1000 times.
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    CF are also used in many digital cameras. My Canon S300 uses them, and the popular Canon ELPH series uses them as well. The Nikon, Epson, Kodak, HP, Agfa, Casio and Monolta cameras use CF as well.

    If you are fond of whatever carrying case you are using you might want to look at the FlashPlus as it fits flush.
    and so it goes ...

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